Why Us?

Investing is a confusing endeavor for many people, so much so that an entire industry has grown up around giving advice to those in need. With passing time lot of unethical practices have also formed a trend towards advising investors. Mis-selling, biased advice, poor experience of investors and lack of transparency with the clients gave birth to Transparent Capital. We believe in building long term relationships thus creating trust among our clients. We realize how precious your money is.

What we do?

Transparent Capital is one stop solution for investors looking for any type of financial investment. It’s a platform where you can buy any financial product with utmost transparency and unbiased advice based upon your risk appetite and financial goals.

At Transparent capital, we have a good base of clients and a considerable network of industry leaders. We exist to bridge the gap between the two and assists them to reach their investment goals with unbiased advice from our money experts.


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Principle and Culture

Our unique success is the direct result of our unique way of being. We want an idea meritocracy in which meaningful work and meaningful relationships are pursued through radical truth and radical transparency. We require people to be extremely open, air disagreements, test each other’s logic, and view discovering mistakes and weaknesses as a good thing that leads to improvement and innovation. We are both idealistic and practical. We believe that creating excellent outcomes requires setting ambitious goals and applying our understanding of how the world works, as reflected in principles, to achieve them. They are the evolving record of our understanding of what works well. As Transparent Capital is an idea-meritocracy in which we value independent thinking, we urge you to read and assess them for yourself.


Our distinct way of studying the world combines a systematic approach to learning with an idea meritocracy where the best ideas win out, resulting in the deepest possible understanding of global markets and economies. Relentlessly inquisitive and innovative by nature, our executive team brings together valuable and incredible industry experience, providing expert leadership for the Transparent Capital team and long-term value for our clients.


Community is where humility and glory touch.

Meaningful relationships are just as important as meaningful work — both are required and mutually reinforcing. So we support relationships to help them grow organically, with people having many options for getting involved in the community, if they choose to. For example, we are now home to 87 common interest, support, diversity, and activity groups ranging from sports teams and health and wellness groups to book and car clubs and a community garden. We gather families for our big summer and Halloween parties and have many other celebrations throughout the year, including an annual TalentFest and our unique Scrum race. And we encourage people to get together on their own to do whatever interests them by helping pay for events they organize themselves .

Donation Fund

Giving is the greatest act of grace.

The world is living through unprecedented times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing disruption & uncertainty in regular wage/salaried employees in urban India. These daily wage workers facing uncertain challenges in meeting their daily food requirements. As is often the case, people living in poverty are suffering the most. With the funds collected, Transparent Capital, will purchase the meals and distribute them to those who needs it the most.

Transparent Education Financial literacy is quite low in India and thus Transparent Capital has taken the initiative of running as transparent education on all social media handles to create Awareness amongst social community. We upload and update our social handles with the sole aim of showering education and spreading knowledge.


The only temple that matters can be found within yourself.

Vipassana meditation is an ancient meditation technique rediscovered by Gautam Buddha over 2,500 years ago. Vipassana helps seeing things “as they are” through self-transformation and self-observation.Today, Vipassana meditation courses are conducted all over the world at over 150 centers. For further details, please visit: www.dhamma.org